The Wolff Couple’s Mission is Your Success!

    The Wolff Couple have been training successful investors alongside Ron LeGrand all across America for over 16 years.  Their #1 Amazon Bestseller is called “The Flip Side of Flipping, the Easier Way to Real Estate Riches!”  It’s filled with amazing success stories from their long-time and brand new students.  Brian and Lynette are experts on Pretty Houses, Scripts, LIVE Closing Calls, Selling Houses Fast, and Acquisitionists.  They also work closely with Ron and Global Publishing to help provide the powerful Mentoring and Masters Programs. Of course you’ll see them with Ron teaching at events everywhere he goes!  Brian and Lynette are a pinnacle part of our team to ensure every real estate transaction you entrust us with is a successful one.

    Experience You Can Count On…

    With more than 50 years combined experience in real estate, Brian and Lynette have been thriving in Arizona helping Buyers, Sellers and Investors just like you achieve their goals and dreams.  Now their son Dashel is part of the team, a tremendous addition to an already amazing family business! 

    With Pretty Houses you can make big profits when you know what to say and how to sell fast, every month you have passive income, and with an Acquisitionist the business is done for you! Ron knew the Wolffs were the only ones for the job back when he hired them to teach his 4-day Pretty House Boot Camp, which all team members here at Bella Investments are graduates.

    The Wolff Couple have helped so many investors, their binder of testimonials is thicker than a phone book.  Now students call them “Mentors to the Mentors”.  Brian and Lynette would love to help YOU truly achieve your dreams, too!