quotes_leftPromoting a Positive and Empowering Environment for our Youth and Community Today”

Scott Bruce works and plays in Raleigh, North Carolina and has been one of our Customer Support Reps and Director of Business Development for more than 15 years now.  His enthusiasm and ability to effectively and diplomatically work with all walks of life have made Scott an irreplaceable asset to Our Team!  If you ever have the pleasure of working with Scott, you’ll get to see first hand just how much he truly cares about our clients and you, like countless others he’s helped, will feel more like a friend than just another sale.

Because of Scott’s caring attitude and devotion to our Team, Top Producers and Brand New Agents alike from all over the country view us as trusted advisers and caring consultants.  Thanks to Scott’s devotion, they love and appreciate the small family style business feel we provide each and every one who, like you, joins our Team.

Scott loves working with the youth in our community. One of his passions and hobbies is Lacrosse.  He is someone you definitely want on Your Team if you are thinking about playing this internationally acclaimed sport!  In just 1 year’s time Scott went from being an average Lacrosse Player to making a division 1 Varsity nationally ranked Lacrosse Team!

Click Here or the video below to see an entertaining video of Scott in action and learn more about how he can teach you the skills it takes to become a successful Lacrosse Player!