quotes_leftBrilliantly Unconventional in his approach, Johnny is Wildly Successful at Capturing the Essence of his clients, creating not ‘just another bio’, but a Mesmerizing Novel enabling the reader to feel like they’re ‘Part of the Show’…

Johnny is a John Lennon fan and surfer living his California Dreams who does content marketing, in that order.  He jokes in his wry, dry sense of humor way that we all know and love him for, “Aside from the fact that he has one of the coolest names ever, like me, he’s actually a pretty talented singer and writer.”

Johnny is one of our most creative writers because he puts his heart and soul into his work, though he refuses to call it as such.  His motto is, “Life’s too short to take it too seriously. If you can’t live life to the fullest and make work feel like play, what’s the point of it all anyway?”

Johnny lives and plays predominantly in San Diego, CA and wherever and whenever the wind blows and the trails blaze him all around the globe.  You can feel Johnny’s passion in how each and every bio he creates for Top Producing agents and clients all over the country reads like a novel from the most intense, spellbinding stories ever written in our day.  He’ll be the first to confidently ‘confess’, (overly so at times…the true mark of a great artist:) “I don’t write bios; I create masterpieces.”

With his happy go lucky attitude and love for everything and everyone around him, those who know and love Johnny, find themselves in awe of his passion for life and know to just get out of his way and ‘let him roll’!  As you’ll soon see if you get the opportunity to experience his work firsthand, Johnny has this amazing ability to jump into any task head on with reckless abandon taking ‘the bull by the horns’ and exploding onto a page with his unbelievable creative juices that, once they get flowing, there’s no stopping Johnny!  He exclaims in his boyish charm, “I see a project I know I’m destined to conquer.  I get this feeling in my gut. I meditate on it for days, then I ‘get in, get it done, get out, and get to the beach’ where I relax, recoup, and regenerate for my next project.   Whatever life throws me, I surf it like I surf the waves – takin’ ‘em as they come, knockin’ ‘em out, and livin’ and lovin’ in the moment, the way God intended Life to be.”

quotes_leftMy work is compelling not because of me, but my ability to see…see who people truly are on a deeper level and my ability through words and my writing to set them free…”


Johnny is tremendously respected and admired for his work ethic by all walks of life because of his uncanny ability to put his nose to the grindstone while at the same time making every person he meets   and works with feel like the most important person in the world.  Johnny loves to travel the world and gets his inspiration from some of the most interesting places where he meets the most intriguing characters sparking some of his best work.  Johnny’s marketing solutions and copywrite skills have been known to be, well, a bit controversial at times, yet brilliantly and wildly successful.  “My work is compelling not because of me, but my ability to see – see who people truly are on a deeper level and my ability through words and my writing to set them free.  I get to know people on a personal level…their travels…their life experiences.  I search for people’s truth, their meaning…what makes them tick, what makes them sing.

quotes_leftI just tune into each person’s heart and let the essence of their Spirit shine through me and onto the page.  I just tune in, tune out, and let it flow.  I don’t write your ‘typical bio’.   I tell a person’s story…your failures, your triumphs, where you’ve been and where you want to go…”

Johnny candidly admits, “My writing style gets you noticed; sets you apart and out in front of the rest of all the little ‘horses in the pony show’ and into the ring with the ‘Big Boys’ Rarin’ to go.  Sure, I may be a bit unconventional in my approach, but if you want to get noticed in today’s world, you gotta real ‘em in, tug at their heartstrings, and make your reader feel like they’re part of the show.”