Bella Chartrand resides near Sarasota, Florida where she is our foremost Investment Scout searching for properties to buy and sell as well as working closely with other successful Investors in the area.

    Bella has extensive studies in all areas of Real Estate Investing including ‘the Wolff Couple’, Brian & Lynette Wolff’s ‘Deals At A Distance’ program on how to safely do ‘no contact’ deals via ZOOM, ‘Social Media Marketing for FREE System’, and ‘The Wolff-LeGrand What To Say & What To Do System’ that covers every scenario you can imagine with buyers and sellers ensuring a successful ‘Win/Win’ outcome for both.  Bella is also a two- time graduate of Ron LeGrand’s acclaimed Global Publishing ‘Quick Start Real Estate School’ and has successfully completed ‘Where To Get the Money Now’, an extensive course given by Jay Connor- ‘The Private Money Authority’ on how to locate and help Private Lenders make money in this and every Real Estate Market  imaginable.

    In her spare time when not playing in the ‘Investment World’ of Real Estate, Bella enjoys relaxing, meditating, sun gazing and jogging on the beach and can often be seen with a paint brush and easel in tow as she captures the beauty of this gorgeous place on canvas like a few of her most recent paintings below.


    quotes_left“I’m passionate about helping people like you live their dreams, whether it be real estate investing, helping young women become empowered, or simply relaxing and appreciating the beauty all around us in art and nature. I’m excited to share with you a peak into my life and hope you, like me, find the beauty in all we see.  I hope you enjoy my expression of our world and enjoy my paintings especially.”  ~ Love, Bella

    Bella, aptly nicknamed ‘the Bellas!’, from the Reality TV Show, Fox Network’s ‘Utopia USA, 2015’, where she discovered a deep rooted, long lost talent and passion for fine arts and painting, Bella wears many hats to say the least.  She recently achieved her Certificate with Geoff Lawton out of Australia and is now a PRI Verified Licensed Permaculture Institute Instructor.  Her dream is to find a self sustaining eco-friendly off grid community and acquire some land to build a little cob house and start a Permaculture Food Forest.

    Bella is a Survivalist/Prepper aka ‘Doomsday Diva’ (though her friends know and love her as the “Peppy Preppy Prepper with a Purpose”!); and ambassador to saving the planet and her ‘human and furry little friends’ alike.  Bella is an avid tennis player and loves a challenging dual to a game of chess.  She feels most at home relaxing outdoors close to nature in her ‘Keyhole/Crop Circle Gardens’ or under the stars where you can often find her gazing deep into the vast ‘sea of diamonds in the sky’.

    Bella studied Fine Art and Painting at The National Academy Museum and School, 1083 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY and she is fast becoming an icon in the art world following in her great-great-grandfather’s footsteps. Visit her PORTFOLIO now where you can find Bella’s ever growing Collection of Art alongside her great-great-grandfather, Esteban Chartrand’s acclaimed masterpieces.

    Bella, also an accomplished pianist, continues to ‘tickle the ivories’ and is designing an off-grid ‘Cob Home’, complete with a beautiful White Baby Grand Piano nestled in the heart of her eco-friendly little ‘Hobbit Home’ in the woods merging the two things she feels most passionate about-beauty and self-sufficiency. Bella believes in being prepared and teaches people all over the world not just how to survive, but to thrive and ‘Schlepp it Bella Style”!

    Click here to learn more about Bella and see more paintings by Bella like the ones below…

    One Cool Dog Sebastian Anne Scoville ABC Master Marketing
    One Cool Dog Sebastian Anne Scoville ABC Master Marketing