These 3 little words are 1 of THE BIGGEST SECRETS to connecting with anyone.

Your ‘I LIKE YOU’ Bella Investment Campaign was inspired by Joe Girard who tactfully implements the “Liking Principle’, one of Robert Cialdini’s six principles of persuasion his New York Time’s Best Selling book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

Who is Joe Girard?  Only THE “World’s Greatest Salesman Ever!”

Joe Girard still holds the record for the “World’s Greatest Salesman,” even though more than three decades have passed since his achievement.  Why does he still hold this record?  SIMPLE. Girard was the #1 car and truck salesman in the U.S. for 12 years straight. Between 1963 and 1978, he sold a total of 13,001 vehicles. All of them were sold one-to-one, which means every sale was a direct retail sale. Not one of his sales were fleet sales.  Even more amazing, his single-year record (1973) for number of cars and trucks sold is 1,425. That is an average of 4.57 cars and trucks sold per day, not counting Sundays (1,425 / 312 days).

HOW Did He Do It?

Girard’s selling approach was fairly simple. In the book Ten Greatest Salespersons by Robert L. Shook, Girard says:

“I have no big secrets which nobody else has.” Joe smiles.I simply sell the world’s best product, that’s all. I sell Joe Girard!”

Girard knew that customers buy from people they know, like, and trust. So he focused most of his energy on establishing rapport with his customers and becoming likeable.

And, you guessed it!  One of his favorite ways was to send out greeting cards every single month.

Joe Says “I Like You” 13,000 Times Each Month!

 Joe’s customers won’t forget him once they buy a car from him; he won’t let them! Every month throughout the year, they get a letter from him. It arrives in a plain envelope, always a different size or color.

“It doesn’t look like that junk mail which is thrown out before it’s even opened,” Joe confides. “And they open it up, and the front of it reads, ‘I LIKE YOU.’ Inside it says, ‘Happy New Year, from Joe Girard’.  There’s nothin’ else on the card. Nothin’ but my name. I’m just telling ’em that I like ’em.” – Joe Girard

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