Buyers / Tenant Buyers…

    What is a Lease Option (Rent to Own) & how does it benefit me (Buyer/Tenant Buyer)?

    A Lease Option is where a you (Tenant/Buyer) lease (or rent) a property with an option to buy at a later date if you so choose.  Basically, this allows you to rent the property for a specified time with the right to buy that property or walk away.  See just a few reasons other Buyers like you love to Lease Option (Rent to Own) with us:

    • Immediate occupancy – Instead of moving multiple times to a temporary apartment and ultimately the home they want to buy, buyers love the fact that they can move right into the house they want now and buy it later.
    • Not throwing away money on rent – We give you credit for your rent towards your down payment.
    • We give you time to pay the down payment in installments. You get to pay your down payment while you’re living in the house.
    • We give you a ‘payment plan’ you’re not going to get at the bank!
    • Time to clean up credit
    • You get to “Try it before you buy it!” – You can ‘test’ out the neighborhood to see if it’s where you want to live long term. We’ve Lease Optioned to people who were very qualified to get a loan, but they just wanted to take the house for a test drive first before they actually got the loan.