How does a Lease Option Benefit me?

    Here are a few reasons why other sellers like you love to Lease Option their home with us:

    • Debt Relief – someone else takes over your monthly payments for you relieving you from the burden.
    • Saves your credit because we bring your payments current and  the loan stays in your name until the tenant/buyer gets refinanced and takes over the loan.
    • No Management – You can relax because we manage every aspect of the deal for you so you don’t have to.
    • No repairs – We handle all repairs.
    • You retain ownership – If we don’t fulfill our agreement, you can evict the tenant.
    • You get cash when the house is sold.
    • You retain the tax benefits until it is sold.
    • You avoid the “due on sale’ clause because title does not transfer until the loans are paid off when we get new financing.
    • Helps you qualify for new financing for a new house because you can use the written Lease Option agreement to show the bank you have a steady monthly income which improves your debt/income ratio allowing you to get approved for your new loan.
    If I've tried and failed to find a buyer, how are you going to find one?

    We find buyers when sellers like you’ve been unable to because we grant them the right to Lease/Option the property which in turn gives them time to clean up their credit or their debt/income ratio so they can get qualified to assume the loan at some point in the future. Some buyers may need time to pay in their down payment so we let them live in the house and pay their down payment in installments and work with them to get them financed.

    What's the guarantee you'll make my payment?

    The only guarantee we can give you is that we’ll make your payments for you as promised. If we fall behind, you have the same resource you’d have if you’d rented your house because you’re not transferring title to us. We’re only leasing with the right to sublease. But obviously, we wouldn’t be doing this if we intended to fall behind because this is our business and that’s a tremendous advantage to you because we’re not a homeowner who’s going to lose his job and not be able to pay you.  We do this for a living.

    Why shouldn't I just list with a Realtor?

    Sellers like you prefer letting us sell their home because many times Realtors won’t even list the house because there isn’t enough equity in it to pay for their commission. Other sellers like you prefer dealing with us because Realtors won’t make your payment for you while they sell your house. We’re willing to make your payment, sell your house and maintain it until it’s sold and off your hands.

    How do I know you'll make my mortgage payments?

    We can pay you and let you make the payments yourself or we’ll pay them to the bank directly if you prefer.  Most Sellers, like us, prefer the latter of the two.

    Do you screen the Tenant/Buyers before they move into my home?

    Yes.  Before someone even steps foot on your property, we’ve pre-screened them to ensure they are a motivated and qualified candidate to lease your home.  We attract and prescreen buyers quickly to avoid the time wasters!  We are responsible for your property until we get it sold, so we pre-qualify people as if they were moving into our own home.

    What if a tenant tears up my house?

    This is highly unlikely because of pride of ownership of the tenant buyer vs. just a renter. If something happens, we’ll fix it and we’ll put that in writing as part of our agreement.

    What if I don't want someone living in my home while you find a buyer? Is there another option?

    Yes.  Some Sellers prefer us to ‘Option’ their house WITHOUT the right to sublease to a tenant buyer because:

    • You don’t have to sell your house yourself or pay a realtor a listing commission. We aggressively sell the house for you. (Because we will have an ‘Option Agreement’ with you we are not required to hold a Real Estate License.)
    • No expense to you
    • No risk
    • No tenants or collections
    • It’s an all cash sale
    • You retain the right to sell or “list”
    • You’re not taking the house off the market
    • Credit protection
    What's in it for you?
    • We (Bella Investments) get up front deposits from the Tenant/Buyer
    • Monthly cash flow (the difference between what the tenant pays us and what we pay you)
    • Cash in the future when sold
    • Not taxable until sold or defaulted
    • Little or no risk
    • No buying, holding, or sales cost
    • Avoid “due-on-sale” clause
    • Deal only with quality houses and areas
    • Deal with quality people and more serious buyers because they aren’t just renters, but are tenant owners and have a pride of ownership and treat the properties with more respect
    • Quite honestly, we just love helping people like you because the more people we help be successful, the more successful we are!