Discover how your new Bella Investment Marketing Campaigns can open doors for you you never even knew existed because at the end of the day, it’s ultimately not what we know, but what we don’t know that we don’t know that truly matters.

We cover all your Investment marketing needs whether you’re a First Time Seller, Seasoned Investor with multiple Residential or Commercial Properties, are in Foreclosure, want to get out of debt because your home is over-leveraged and you owe more than it’s worth, or if you’re just a FSBO with a house ‘Bella’ or ‘Not`So~Bella’!…

We specifically design your Investment Marketing tools to Target Specific Areas of the Real Estate Market including:

• Renters
• First Time Buyers
• Sellers
• FSBO’s
• REO’s
• Construction
• Mortgage
• Recruiting
• and much, much more!

In addition, we’ve created unique Educational Brochures to get your clients off the fence!

Do you have a few clients who are ‘on the fence’ and aren’t sure they want to list their house with you just yet? Ever wondered why…when you have done everything in your power to convince them that it is in their best interest to work with you as a professional REALTOR®?  The answer, many times, is simple…They’re just scared..  Your potential client just doesn’t understand the process and is perhaps overwhelmed and simply is saying ‘No’ to letting you list their house because they are unsure of the process they are going to have to go through.

quotes_leftWhen people say “No”, many times what they’re really saying is, “I need more info.”  So we give them more so they can feel they have enough information to be able to make an informed decision and say ” ‘YES!’ to working with us to get your home SOLD FAST!”

Bella Investments and our IN-HOUSE MARKETING Company has the solution! We’ve designed specialized ‘Follow-up Hook Brochures’ to follow up with your main brochures we create for your properties to Educate Your Reader and get them off the fence of indecision and on with the business of buying your home NOW!. With these highly effective brochures, we ease your potential clients’ minds by supplying them with helpful information on exactly what it is they can expect to happen when they choose to work with us as your Investment Coordinator.  We are always designing up-to-date brochures of your behalf to keep up with the changing times of real estate. You can hand them directly to prospects or we mail them for you – all on various topics of real estate including:

• Preparing Your Home for Sale
• Why You Should List Your Home with a Realtor®
• Are you in Foreclosure? I Can Help.
• How To Properly Stage Your Home For Sale
• Buying Your First Home?
• Types of Listing Contracts
• How to Choose a Neighborhood for Your Home Search
• How to Choose the Right Home
• Time to Consider an Investment Portfolio?
• Let Me Help You Live the American Dream
• Condo-Townhouse Advantages
• Still Paying Rent?
• Thinking of Selling Your Home?
• Ready to Buy Your New Home?
• CRS Brochure
• My Pledge To You
• Maximizing The Value Of Your Home
• Your 21 Step Home Seller Marketing Plan
• Get Your $8000 Tax Credit! – Part 1
• First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit – Part 2
• Single Family Homes Are the Way to Go!
• Want to Invest in Foreclosures?
• What is a Short Sale?
• Are You Going Through Foreclosure?
• How To Analyze Your Property
• Bad Credit Holding You Back from Buying a House?
• Don’t Let Your Credit Past Ruin Your Future.
• Thinking About Refinancing? The Time to Make Your Move is NOW!
• Ask Me How ‘The Reverse Mortgage’ Could Be the Key to Your Retirement.
• Buying Your First Home?
• Building a Custom Home? Start with a Custom Loan.
• Details of a Listing Contract
• The Listing Agent and Marketing Your Home…The Real Role of a Listing Agent
• Listing Commissions and Related Issues…Is the Commission Negotiable?
• Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Contracts!
• Want to Start Off with a High Sales Price? Beware!
• Fixing Up the House Interior
• Curb Appeal! Love At First Sight and How to Get It!
• Storage Solutions! How to Utilize Existing Space Wisely!
• Spring into Summer! Shape-Ups That Will Protect Your Assets.
• Preparing Your Home for Sale…How To Properly Stage Your Home
• Summer Heat…Cooling Your Home Easily and Economically
• Home Office..Taking Care of Business At Home
• Fire Safety…A Life Saving Guide To Fire Prevention
• Fall Into Winter…Keeping Your Home in Tip Top Shape
• Landscaping Tips
• Burglar Safe! How to Burglar Proof Your Home
• Real Estate Decoder…A Fun Look at Unlocking Real Estate Jargon
• Saving Energy!
• Avoid ‘Sick House’ Syndrome! How To Use Plants to Purify the Air
• and much, much more!

We can even translate your Bella Investment Marketing Tools into whatever language of choice you choose!

Go ahead and reach out to us now because we just may have the solution you’ve been looking for…You’ll be glad you did like so many others we’ve helped like you!

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