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    Facing Foreclosure? Getting Divorced, Getting Married, Upsizing, Downsizing, Retiring, Relocating, Lawsuit Pending, Liquidating, Building a New House, Inherited a House & You Just Want an Income Stream, or You Just Want Debt Relief? We buy houses no matter what condition or circumstance…’Bella’ and ‘Not-So-Bella’! Contact us now because we have several options available to you that you may not have known you had. When you choose to work with professional Investors like us, you get a fair offer with a fast closing without the typical headaches that come with retail buyers.

    Rent to Own Now

    STOP throwing your money away on RENT & give yourself the GIFT of HOME OWNERSHIP instead. Did you know you can Lease your home with an Option to Buy?  With a ‘Lease Option’ you can rent your dream home with the right to buy IF YOU CHOOSE at a later date or just walk away.  Now you’re in control.  This give you time to clean up your credit AND get credit for your rent towards your down payment.

    Have FUN Investing!

    Ever play Monopoly when you were a kid? Imagine playing with REAL properties!  Savvy Investors know the key to real estate is buying at the right price, location, and time.  Other Investors like you love the fact that we have a knack for finding that perfect property at just the right time and place that moves fast and makes perfect sense (and cents:)!  There’s never been a better time to invest because we make financing easy, market rates are at their lowest, and we have houses way below fair market value – up to 70% off!

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